The Proxies Setting area allows you to enter your proxy server addresses and specify which tasks you want to use proxies for.

Proxy Format

The required proxy format is simply:

IP:PORT (e.g.

enter each one on a new line in the box provided.

To use private proxies with a username and password, use the following format:


When to Use Proxies

The checkboxes on the right allow you to determine which tasks you wish to use proxies for. Typically these will simply be:

  • Google and Bing - which refers to Google Index check, Google cache date and Bing Outbound Links
  • Drop History - which will tell you the number of times a domain has been dropped. Proxies are required to get more than the 5 results you are allowed per IP.

Proxy Failure Retries

Sometimes, proxies will timeout or error, so with Proxy Failure Retries you can determine how often you want URL Profiler to retry the same proxy before moving on.