If you have added your Ahrefs API key and receive this message in your export file:

This means that either your Ahrefs subscription has expired or you have entered your Ahrefs token incorrectly.

Don't Take The API Key From Ahrefs API Page

The most common error we see is that people assume the API key listed on https://ahrefs.com/api/profile is the one they need for URL Profiler.

Just to clarify, the API key on the page shown below is NOT the one you need.

Getting OpenApp Authorisation

Instead, you need to get OpenApp Authorisation to use the Ahrefs API data via URL Profiler.

Head over to this page to get started.

Ahrefs Grant Access

Hit ‘Allow Access’ and you will come to a screen listing the ahrefs API access token for URL Profiler

Ahrefs API success

Copy your API key and enter it into the Account Settings on URL Profiler

Ahrefs API Key