The link analysis settings determine how the tool handles the link checking functionality.

URL Profiler has a very effective link checker - which works by downloading the HTML on the page and searching for the domain you specify in href attributes on the page.

You can tweak the accuracy of it by adjusting these settings.

Maximum Retries

The software may fail when attempting to check a link on a URL for a number of reasons, including:

  • The server failed to respond when the crawler requested the page URL
  • The page requested took too long to download and timed out

If the tool cannot access the page it cannot check the HTML. The 'Maximum Retries' setting allows you force the tool to retry any failed URLs, and detemine how many times it will process a retry for each failed URL.

Each retry waits 10 minutes before processing, this maximises the chances of success as it allows servers to come back online (so, if you set to a maximum of 5 retries, you add on a minimum of 50 minutes to the processing time).

Maximum URLs per Domain

The setting is mainly for link audits, as it allows you to select only a sample of URLs on a domain. This can be useful if you know you have a lot of sitewide links - checking them all isn't going to add a lot of additional value.

Move the slider to adjust - if you slide it fully to the left it will set to check ALL URLs, and the maximum on the right is 10 URLs.