Using the Google Search Analytics integration allows you to match keyword and ranking data about your URLs, directly from Google Search Centre (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).

It is really easy to connect to the Search Analytics API, and takes just a couple of clicks.

To get going, simply click on the Search Analytics tickbox under 'Google'.

Then, you just need to click 'Connect to Google Search Console'.

If you weren’t logged into your Google account when you started, you will be taken to a login page. Select the account you wish to connect to and enter your password, then continue as below.

If you were logged in to Google before you started, you will automatically be taken to a ‘Request for Permission’ page in your browser, that looks like this. Click to accept.

The browser will default to a localhost URL which says ‘Received verification code. Closing…’ in the top left. This browser window actually won’t close, so just close it manually.

Return to the URL Profiler program, and you will see that your accounts have been connected!

Select the account you are interested in using the dropdown menu, and optionally adjust the Country and Device settings to gain more targeted data.

That's it! Hit apply and start enjoying all that awesome keyword data again (oh how we missed you!)